Hi Michelle. Thank you for talking to me.
Hi Riley. I want to thank you for designing the website for me.

It’s my pleasure. Are the beautiful photos used in this website yours?
They are all my photos. They were taken by a very talented photographer by the name of David Kow.

When did you become a tantric therapist?
I had been practicing my bodywork sessions since the year 2000.

Why do you choose to become a tantric therapist?
When I was still working as a spa Therapist in a Chinese Reflexology Center, I came across numerous clients commenting on the softness of my hands. One particular client inspired me to look into the area of sexual healing. I took his advice and learn my arts from two teachers whom I am forever grateful to.

What do you do as a tantric therapist?
As a Tantric Guide, I believe that sexual energy is largely misunderstood and under-used by many people. We have access to so much power. So I feel blessed to support others to awaken their sexual potential, and transform their personal lifes and spheres of influence, simply through touch, connection and sharing.

Tell me about you.
I was born in Qing Dao in Shandong. I am based in Singapore now. After living in Singapore for more than 10 years, I still can’t shake off my Chinese accent, and my English is very poor. Written English is okay, but conversation English is too difficult for me. I am learning English now.

Many of your clients are Westerners. Is the language barrier a problem for you?
Absolutely not. During my massage session, verbal communication is almost unnecessary, sometimes even detrimental to the session. In tantric massage, I do not talk to the clients at all. I need them to turn their attentions inwards, to their own mind and bodies.

Has any client asked you out on a date before?
Yes, a few did. I have never dated my clients and will never do. I keep my work and my personal life very different.