• I only work with clientele who are seeking support with ~ sexual healing ~ and those who are genuinely curious about the power of a tantric experience.
  • Please be a gentleman. Mutual respect and consideration are much appreciated. Truthfully, I am a fairly good girl.
  • Please do not make lewd remarks on me. I am only your Tantric Therapist & Intimacy Counsellor. Our time together is not to be mistaken as the beginnings of any other form of relationship though many of my regular clients have become good friends.
  • Although I will be working with your sexual energies and strong urges may come up for you, there will be no kissing, oral sex, intercourse or any hidden extras during the session, and I will initiate all body contact.
  • When you may have strong urges, I politely ask you to refrain yourself and surrender completely. Reciprocal touch distracts you from your experience of connecting more intimately with yourself. It is very powerful just to receive, let go of control and surrender, so please do not push boundaries and spoil the session by being dishonourable.
  • My goal is not to encourage ejaculation (although this may naturally occur due to lack of ejaculatory control), but to encourage healing of the lingam, promote a renewed connection to your sexuality, sensuality & inner bliss & a rich spiritual understanding of your sexual energy beyond the act of sex
  • Please refrain from smoking, eating a spicy or heavy meal, taking any form of medication or drinking alcohol before your session.