What will you wear during the session?
I will dress appropriately and typically something simple and light so that I may move around comfortably.

Do you provide shower facilities?
Full shower facilities, toiletries and fresh clean towels are available for you in my studio. Kindly be prepared to shower twice when you are here. Once before the session, to give an important scrub to your armpits and pelvic and anal area, and another to wash off any oils or scents after the session.

 Do you offer discounts or are your rates negotiable? Do you barter?
I provide my service excellence and therefore my rates are strictly non-negotiable. I also do not trade for massage .However, I do have plans to reward my regular clients.

Who are your ideal clients?
My ideal clients are individuals who are respectful, punctual, and generous and people who truly enjoy massage. They honour me by arriving to the session at the designated time or communicating if they will be late or need to reschedule. They are also enthusiastic about learning about sexual practices that enhance health and general well-being in their life and relationships.

Can you send a photo of yourself?
I value privacy and complete discretion. I also value honesty, the photos on the website are genuinely mine and completely un-edited.

Can I extend my session only after I have reached your place or immediately after I have ended my session?
I will prefer my clients to book ahead. However, I may accommodate an extension depending on my availability.

Why do you not provide a house call service?
For my personal safety, I only provide an outcall service to selected hotels.

What do you like for gifts as token of appreciation?
I always love bouquets of lilies or sun flowers. Thank you!

Do you provide other services other than those stated on your website?
I also teach massage techniques. If you would like to learn, feel free to write me an email.