It always gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to receive positive feedback from clients who tell me that their sexual energy and sexual performance has improved as a result of receiving a Tantric massage.

Tantric massage is simply a luxury, it can reduce stress, tension and boost the immune system. The art of Tantra has been practiced for over 9,000 years. It’s origins have been traced back to the Himalayan Mountains in India, where religious leaders believed that sexual ritual was the path to a higher form of ecstasy and liberation.

A 2010 study at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center found that far from being a just pleasurable luxury, massage, in general, had a quantifiable effect on the health of the participants. Key findings included significantly reduced levels of blood cortisol and of neuro-hormone arginine vasopressin. What’s more, the study found, deep tissue massage also resulted in higher levels of disease-busting white blood cells.

My own tantric massage treatment takes the teachings of Tantra and translates them into a full-body experience. A traditional massage is heightened by incorporating breathing exercises and genital stimulation. The tantric massage is a must for any man looking for complete mind and body relaxation, with the added benefit of sexual pleasure, which is often a natural reaction to the experience.

Of course, pleasure comes in many forms during the tantric massage. You will have pleasure from your muscles relaxing, pleasure from the spiritual balance it brings and pleasure from your sexual energy being replenished and fulfilled. Most of the time the arousal experienced during the massage leads to orgasm, which is welcomed but not the overall goal.

Every part of your body is meticulously cared for. Many of my clients experiencing a Tantric massage for the first timer are surprised that they can remain so relaxed while getting aroused at the same time, but tantric massage seeks to satisfy and relax your entire being at once.

Tantric is first and foremost, however, aimed at your emotional well-being. While there are wonderful physical attributes, you can expect even greater results emotionally. As you learn to receive pleasure, self-esteem and self-worth are heightened, leading to a better overall happiness.

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