Deep Tissue

My deep tissue massage incorporates techniques from traditional Chinese Reflexology and some elements of Swedish massage, such as effleurage and petrissage. Focusing on deeper layers of your muscle tissues, I will work through your back, arms, buttocks and leg muscles. I can remove your tiredness and other troubles such as stiff neck and upper back, lower back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. I aim to release chronic tensions in the body through long deep strokes and strong finger pressure on your body.

 After you are relaxed, I will then proceed to the massage of your manhood. This will also include the use of rhythmic compression techniques on important veins and acupressure points along your perineum and scrotum areas. You will experience an extended and heightened sensual pleasure. To have access to all major muscle groups on your body, you will be fully nude.

$120 | 60 mins $160 | 90 mins

Combination –
Deep Tissue And Signature Lingam Tantra Therapy

Many clients prefer a combination. You will be entirely pampered from all my techniques.

$280 | 90 mins $360 | 120 mins

Signature Lingam Tantra Therapy

This massage is much more intimate and at a slower pace. The goal of my tantric massage is to help you in relaxing through liberating your sexual energy.

I aim to raise your sexual energy and help you channel it to other areas of your body. The session will start with a tantric greeting ritual, where I will teach you breathe work and guide you into a deepened state of relaxation. We will then proceed towards a deeply relaxing and honouring whole body massage.

My touches will be deliberately light, with special focus on your lingam. My extended worship of your lingam will heighten your senses to a level you may not have experienced before. This is achieved by a series of 28 unique massage strokes purely on your lingam.

 Throughout the session, I will be raising six cycles of sexual energy and circulate it to other parts of your body before bringing you to a lingam climax. Slowly, I will then bring you back down from the peak with light intimate touch. Usually, I chose to finish with a facial massage. 

This is a highly sensual massage which includes the use of warm oil. You will also be nude. I hope you could let go of yourself, especially the moral construct of feeling embarrassed of being touched sensually.

$220 | 60 mins $300 | 90 mins