It never fails to amaze me how many of my clients come to see me under instructions from their wives and girlfriends to improve their stamina in bed.

Of course, strong relationships are based on mutual respect, trust and the kind of love that accepts each other’s weaknesses. However, sexual performance is also something that plays an significant role in a relationship – and the burden always seems to be on the male.

Your partner expects a lot from you that’s why a lot of men tell that they are expected to be ready with their performance all the time. But with the daily stress caused by work and other things, it’s not always easy to live up to expectations.

According to experts, men who experience inadequate sexual performance or worse, erectile dysfunction (ED), are not just affected physically but emotionally as well, and they suffer the effects of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and decrease in quality of life. Since men are more introverted, they keep their feelings to themselves without expressing how they truly feel, and this could lead them to become emotionally distant from the people in their lives.

Stress affects the body and if it’s affecting his lower body, that could be impacting on the sex you’re having and contributing to erection or premature ejaculation problems, for example. Practicing relaxation techniques in other areas of a man’s life can certainly help in the bedroom. Meditation and muscle relaxation techniques are good places to start and many of my clients tell me that Tantric massage has helped them enormously in terms of increased sexual stamina.

I found an entertaining article entitled “13 Ways To Help Your Partner Last Longer In Bed”, which includes Tantric Massage as one of the 13 ways. To read the article click here.  To book a Tantric Massage with me click here.